Introducing Master Cheuk Fung

Master Cheuk Fung

Master Cheuk Fung has over fifty years of experience in martial arts, meditation and healing. He started learning kung fu at an early age in Hong Kong and has accumulated experience with a wide range of martial arts styles and practices. Master Fung is a direct lineage disciple in Hop Gar, Yi Chuan, Mok Gar, and Lung Ying (Southern Dragon), and is also respected for his expertise in the Tung Be system of kung fu. He is well known for his subtle and explosive internal power and lightening quick hands. He has also integrated Esoteric Buddhist Chi Kung practices into his method to help his students develop their energy.

Master Fung has integrated his expertise in martial arts, meditation and healing into a teaching method that can help anyone reach high level of achievement. His approach emphasizes liberation, integrity, and oneness and embodies Yi Chuan's philosophy of "no fixed form, no fixed rule". His exceptional teaching ability accelerates the development of his students, and provides guidance and feedback appropriate to their individual needs.

Master Fung has been a full time teacher of kung fu since 1965, and has been teaching in the Bay Area since 1974. He has given martial arts demonstrations and lectures at charitable functions and on local television and radio. For additional information you may make an appointment to observe a class in the San Francisco Bay Area or arrange for a private consultation. Master Fung can be reached directly at (510) 352-1263.

Master and Mrs. Cheuk Fung pictured with Mr. Ian Fok, Chairman of the Hong Kong Chinese Martial Arts Association

For a broad overview of Master Fung's teaching philosophy and perspectives on Yi Chuan please continue to the 2009 Interview which begins on the next page .

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