Esoteric Buddhist Chi Kung

Namo Shakyamuni Buddha

Student: How does your training in and practice of Esoteric Buddhist Chi Kung relate to Yi Chuan?
Master Fung: In my approach, Esoteric Buddhist Practices and Yi Chuan mutually assist one another to develop skill, awareness and energy in the practitioner. In addition to the practices we have already discussed that come from Yi Chuan and other arts, the Escoteric Buddism I study brings things like meditation, the use of tones and mantras, ceremonies, visualizations and energy attuning techniques to stimulate, balance, concentrate and cultivate energy.

Student: Does that mean I become a Buddhist by learning Yi Chuan?
Master Fung: Just when I think you're getting somewhere you ask a question like that. Of course you don't have to be Buddhist to practice Yi Chuan, just like you don't have to be a Yi Chuan practitioner to practice Jam Jong. Whether or not your accept the precepts of Buddhism you can still appreciate and benefit from its insights and methodology. I myself come from a Christian background and came to study Buddhism through learning Kung Fu. I always say, "If we can't love our neighbor as ourselves then we have no business calling ourselves Buddhist." The greatest contribution of Buddhism to our Yi Chuan practice is embedded in the theme of our your remember it?

Student: I think so. 'Always give thanks to the blessings that already are with us and continue to commit to ourselves to carry our everyday life with integrity and dignity.'
Master Fung: That's it. Whether your focus is health, self defense, energy cultivation or all three, remember to maintain a sense of integrity and dignity in what you do. Follow that and you won't go too wrong.

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