Getting the Right Idea

The qualities found in Jam Jong can be found in any position. Here, Master Fung "seals" his chi.

Student: So, more than anything else we should practice the 8 postures?
Master Fung: no. No. NO.........Jam Jong is not a posture or 8 postures or 1000 postures. It's a state. Like in a race...they say "ready, set, go!" Jam Jong is the 'set'. What is learned in the 8 basic postures must eventually be achievable from any position, whether standing, sitting or lying down. Jam Jong is the body united into a single unit and the mind ready for action - connected but relaxed, alert but calm and ready but uncommitted. The eight postures are basic tools to activate and develop Hunyuan strength. The idea is to allow what you learn from them to be available to you at any time without having to think.

Student: Is that what you mean by 'making it casual'?
Master Fung: Yes. If you have to go through a complicated procedure to activate your Hunyuan strength it really is not going to be of much use to you in a fight. Remember how you would always regress to your old training when you first started partner practice?

Student: Yes, I had practiced until that stuff was second was hard not to fall back on it.
Master Fung: Now you need to practice until Hunyuan strength is what you fall back on, Hunyuan strength should become your natural reaction. Until then....while you may know some Kung Fu, you don't really 'have it'.

Student: I see, it's just like everything else. Whether I'm driving my car, surfing or snow boarding its much the time for thinking, right?
Master Fung: Master Wang Sheng Chai said "When facing the enemy the reaction should be a natural reflex like being burned by fire". The response needs to be linked to the stimulus.. The hard part is triggering an educated response, meaning a response that brings Hunyuan strength to bear. Its one thing to be able to demonstrate Hunyuan strength in a controlled environment, its quite another to respond with it when caught off guard. By properly training the Yi through Yi Chuan practice we increase our chances of being able to use it when it really matters.

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